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Thursday, March 4, 2010

UNA Campus report 3/4/2010

We again hit the campus to share the words of eternal life with the students at the Univ of North Alabama. Lisa ,myself, Diane, Becky and Shirley met around 11 am in front of the student union. Diane brought her white board and the question we put on today was are you born again? not to many people stopped to talk so the question was changed to is man basically good? That seemed to be the right question for today because people started to stop and talk too us and answer the question. We were passing out alot of tracts to the students and able to share the gospel with some students. God is good and faithful and so kind to us. Shirley and Lisa were talking along time to a couple of girls and one said that she was into wicken but was a good witch. Becky stayed for awhile and handed out some tracts but had to leave early to go to work. We all stayed for a couple of hours handed a bunch of tracts and had a few one to ones with some students. And we saw our friend Ken from last week. He stopped by for a second to say hello and asked me if he is not converted what he had to do. I told him to read Ezek chapter 36 to see who changes the heart and look a 1st John to examine himself. He said he'll see us again next week .Pray for Ken and all these students that GOD opens up their eyes. TO GOD be the Glory

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Dennis Swanson said...

Praise the LORD for your faithfulness to Christ & His Gospel. I wish I could be down there with all of you Brother! Even though it's not the same here without you, I thank the Lord for His sovereignty in placing you where HE has. The clay doesn't always like what the Potter does, but this lump of clay knows that His way is best.

Keep casting!
ALL for HIS Kingdom,