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Saturday, March 6, 2010

1st Friday witnessing Downtown Florence 3/5/2010

The evening started out nice the weather was cool and not that cold until later on for the start of 1st Fridays in downtown Florence Alabama. This event takes place on every 1st Fri. of the month up until December. We got there around 5 o'clock when it starts and went to our corner and handed out tracts to people as they walked by. There was one man in particular who stopped by and talked to us his name was Ken( not the same Ken we have talked to on campus) and we spent some time talking to him about the state of his soul. He would try to lead us on some rabbit trails but he did hear the Gospel from us. He told us about his uncle who just had his leg amputated and was concerned for him. We prayed for him and his uncle and we gave him a book by Mark Cahill One Heartbeat Away. Before it got to cold and people started to leave I was able to do some open air preaching. There were people across the street and by Rosie's Restaurant and on the side walks and when i was finished and got down off my stool a couple who were listening from across the street came over to say thanks for preaching and that this was a good thing and to keep it up. They said they have seen me out here last year preaching also. I gave all Praise and Glory to my GOD King JESUS. The LORD has been so faithful to send us words of encouragement. We serve a Great GOD. Please pray for Ken and all who received gospel tracts and heard the preaching of GOD'S Word. To HIM be all GLORY and HONOR.

Until the nets are full,



Puritan said...

Praise the Lord for your witness brother.


What a blessing you are to those who are within reach of your witnessing. You will only know the profound and far reaching effect you are having for the Lord when you sit at His feet. Oh that more of us would just let God use us more. I have a daily devotional blog. It started out as an email I sent to a few friends. It's now going out to thousands of people everywhere. God takes the small contribution we give with willing hearts and multiplies it. How great is our God! Blessing to you as you carry on the work of the Lord.