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The Gospel By Paul Washer

Sunday, September 30, 2012


“If the devil never roars, the Church will never sing! God is not doing much if the devil is not awake and busy. Depend upon it,
that a working Christ makes a raging devil! When you hear ill reports, cruel speeches, threats, taunts and the like, believe that the
Lord is among His people and is working gloriously." Charles Spurgeon"

Thursday, September 6, 2012

UNA Campus Outreach

Went to the UNA Campus on Sep. 4, 2012 to share the Gospel with the students. Pastor Josh Miller from Tharptown Baptist Church joined me. I was loaded up with tracts and hit the campus at our spot we set up at right across from the student union. We handed out hundreds of tracts and had a few interesting conversations also. I had a conversation with a student named Ethan. I handed him a tract he walked away and a few minutes later he returned to ask me what this was about. I told Ethan that it was a Gospel tract and asked if he knew what the Gospel was. Ethan said he was a Christian and went to a Baptist Church not to far from my own Church in our small town of Muscle Shoals Alabama. He said what do you mean by the Gospel. You mean the New Testament, the Bible, the gospel of John ect. I said Ethan let me give you this scenario I have a knife in my back and have 2 minutes to live how do I inherit eternal life help me please. He really didn't know what to say. He could not articulate the Gospel to me at all. I asked him because he has gone to his church for awhile do they even share the Gospel with you at your church? He insisted ya but couldn't share it with me.( Are our churches even equipping its people on how to present the biblical gospel.).I said Ethan if you say you are a Christian you should know what the Gospel is and if your Church is not preaching the Gospel you need to get out of that Church. He just looked at me and I said let me tell you what the Gospel is and proceeded to take him through the Law of God and the Grace of God, pleading with him to Repent and Believe and put his trust in Jesus Christ Alone. We were able to speak for about twenty minutes and I just pray the LORD will open up Ethan's eyes to the Glorious Gospel.

Josh handed a tract to a young man from Turkey named John. He was not a practicing Muslim and said he was interested in religion and the things of God and was open to talk about these things. Josh spoke with him for a few minutes as John was off to class and in a bit of a hurry. We told John to read the tract and open up his Bible (he said he had one we asked him) and to search these things out to see if they are true. We also told him if he has any questions for us that we are on the campus alot and to stop by and talk to us. He said he would do that. The UNA Campus is filled with many foreign students from China, the Middle Eastern country's and is a wide open mission field and we don't see many people out here sharing the Gospel with these students. The guy who is in charge of the Baptist campus ministry passed us by and Josh tried to give him a tract not knowing that he was the Baptist campus ministry guy. He didn't take our tract,never does and just ignores us out there and has not said anything to us for at least the time I have been going out to the campus which is about 31/2 years now. Its a tragedy indeed. We have never seen him passing out tracts or even questioning us on what we are handing out to see if we were peddling a false Gospel. But in closing friends this is a mission field right in our own back yards. There are many public college campuses around that have no Gospel witness. Please get out of your comfort zones and be bold for Christ. For any one who wants to do ministry without spending thousands of dollars to go out of country there is a mission field right here through out America called the college campus. The harvest is white and the laborers are few. Go share your faith.

No King but Christ