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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Repent And Believe The Gospel

1st Friday Outreach 6-4-10

There were 10 of us out last night for some witnessing at 1st Friday. The Lord be praised for sending out more laborers into the harvest. The Lord stopped the rain we had early and people started to come out onto the streets.Not as many as usual but because of the weather but to God be the Glory. Many tracts were handed out last night and we were able to have many one to ones with people about the state of their soul. I spoke with a teenage boy for awhile and the gospel was shared and he said he understood what was said. I gave him a tract told him to think about these things that were shared because the eternal state of his soul is at stake. Lisa spoke with a young lady quite along time about her standing before a Holy God. Lisa also spoke with Richard who has come back to see us for the 3rd straight month. He even sang amazing grace for us at the end of the evening. Paul did some open air preaching as well as myself. At the end of the evening as we were getting ready to leave a woman walked by us and asked if we come to this same corner every time we come out here because there were no venders on the sidewalk on the side of the street we were on. I said maybe because of the rain early they decided to not come. She said in reply we are always busy on 1st Fridays. It kinda sounded like she was blaming us for the low turnout of venders she might be one of the people who puts it together will see what happens God is in control. Lisa said after that comment by her the Gospel needs to be proclaimed. I Praise GOD for a spouse who fears the LORD not man. Glory and Honor to the King of Kings.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ministers should be sons of thunder

'When men don't preach much about the danger of damnation, there is want of good preaching... If sinners don't hear often of Judgement and Damnation, few will be converted... Ministers should be sons of thunder: Men had need have storms in their hearts, before they will betake themselves to Christ for refuge... If they be but thoroughly convinced of their danger, that will make them go to God and take pains.'

Samuel Stoddard 1723

Whitefield On Regeneration

'The doctrine of regeneration, or new birth in Christ Jesus, though one of the most fundamental doctrines of our holy religion; though so plainly and often pressed on us in sacred writ... though it is the very hinge on which the salvation of each of us turns... yet it is so seldom considered, and so little experimentally understood by the generality of professors, that were we to judge of the truth of it by the experience of most who called themselves Christians, we should be apt to imagine they had' not so much as heard' whether there be any such thing as regeneration or not.'

George Whitefield
Sermon on Regeneration 1737