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Friday, March 19, 2010

UNA Campus Report 3/19/10

There were 3 of us that went to the campus today to hand out tracts and share the Gospel today, Tom, Diane and Myself. It was a very nice, warm and sunny day on the campus today. The students were finishing up finals and getting ready for spring break. We had quite a few one to one's today and God has been kind to us and many are understanding the Gospel and it is making sense to them. You see its GOD who has to give them understanding and open up their eye's. We just need to be obedient to share the Gospel. One excellent example is Sean who has stopped to talk to us every time we are at the campus. We saw him just Wednesday at the campus and my wife Lisa shared the gospel and has taken time to show him in scripture about the state of his soul without Christ and how he needs Jesus to cleans him from all unrighteousness and to put his trust in JESUS Alone for his salvation. Today Sean stopped to talk to us again and Tom shared the whole council of GOD with him and he said he now understood the Gospel. Sean said he didn't understand before and we all have shared with him before . We told Sean we all shared the same Gospel with him in the past but GOD was kind to give him understanding today(PRAISE GOD!!!). We told Sean that some people hear the Gospel over and over but until GOD opens our eye's we will not understand. Please pray also for Brett, Ian, David and Heather as they also seem to have their eye's opened up today we gave them some books and CD'S we have. Our GOD is Faithful and kind to HIM be the GLORY!!

God Bless,

Frank Rollberg

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