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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I finally made my own Are you ready Cross. After following Tony Miano and his blog for a while and seeing and reading how the Lord has been Glorified through the witnessing encounters and there are other out there you know who you are . This will be a part of our evangelism in N.W Alabama for now on. We will be taking the cross to the Watermelon Fest in Russellville Alabama this weekend. All those who have been carrying the cross over the past few years have been a encouragement to me. May God get all the GLORY and His Name be great among the nations. The cross I made
is smaller than the others. I used a 1x6 piece of cedar 6ft long. I cut the cross beam 2'6" and the vertical is 3'6''. I sealed it with 2 coats of clear coat varnish. Went to the craft store and bought 3" paint thru letters and took a small sponge to paint(used exterior white paint) the letters in . I put it together with a 11/2" bolt,washer and wing nut. Drilled out a 5/8 hole and countersunk it so bolt is flush. And there you have it.

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May the Lord use you to save many!