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Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Time Out With The Cross

There was a Fest on Saturday in Russellville Alabama called the Watermelon Fest it is held every year and they estimate about 30 to 40,000 people attend for the weekend event. As you know I have made a AYR Cross and took it out for the first time on Sat. The team of about 8 were showing up around noon to witness but I got there early about a 1/2 hour to go out with the cross with some tracts. Before I got out of my car, As I have read from others the fear of being by yourself holding a cross was running through my mind. What would people think,what would they say to me, how people would act, are you nuts , what kind of witness is this ect.(those who have carried the cross know what I am talking about.)

Well I got out grabbed all my things tract bag, step stool, and the cross and I walked to the corner we were meeting at and put my things down said Ok Lord here we go and held up the cross and leaned it on my shoulder and was praying that the Lord would use it for His Glory.

As I held it high for all the crowd to see I could see people starting to look from all directions there was a car show to the right of where I was standing(and also the Police station) and the festival to the left. Most people looked and just ignored me and the cross or turned their heads as if I wasn't there. I had one man pass by and said God Bless and was happy I was out there. Some walked by and said yes we are ready and I said are you ready to meet God? I was able to hand out some tracts to some folks but there was a sense apathy, remember we are in the south and everybody is a Christian here they think because they go to church. It was a humbling yet exciting experience to hold High the Cross. I can't wait to take out the cross again knowing that people will see it and think about eternity and that it will spark some conversations so the Gospel can be shared. There is No King but Christ!!


Anonymous said...

As my preacher says, bringing up Jesus is always provoking. There is no neutral reaction to Him. It's interesting to see how people respond. God bless you as you seek to tell others about Christ!

scott thompson said...

Hi, Frank. I found your blog a few weeks ago. In July, we went to a watermelon festival to pass out tracts and hold signs. We got to talk to several people. We are also in the south. Thanks for the encouragement from your blog !

Wayne Dawg said...

Praise be to God for your faithfulness to take out your ARY cross.

My first time I was scared stiff...why? I don't know, just was.

I love taking it out now and can't wait for someone to ask that question..ready for what?

Keep up the great work in the Lord!

Frank Rollberg said...

May GOD receive all the GLORY!!!
There is No King but Christ !!