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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Witness downtown Florence Alabama on Good Friday

We went to the 1st Friday event in downtown Florence to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My Dear Bro. Dennis came down to visit us this weekend to help us celebrate my daughters Baptism on Sunday. We had a street ministry in Chicago when I lived there and we hit the streets alot up there so it was a Blessing to me to hit the streets with Dennis again. We arrived early to get set up and knowing the beautiful weather God supplied I thought it would be very crowded with people and it was. We started out by handing tracts out to people walking by us and after awhile we decided we should read through Matt.26-28 about the death,burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ after all it was Good Friday. So we got up on the stool and lifted up our voices through these chapters. after this a few more of our friends showed up to hand tracts out and witness they were, Andy, Lisa, Shannon, Pat, and some friends from Huntsville Paul, Glenn and Liz. The women were handing out tracts and trying to talk to some and the men were open air preaching. I preached some and Dennis open aired on John 3:16 it was a Blessing. Paul, Andy and Glenn also lifted up their voices like a trumpet. We spent around 4 hours down at 1st Friday. Many people took tracts the Gospel was preached and some even took books from us (Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ). It was a glorious night and the Gospel was proclaimed. I also thank the Lord for my Brothers and Sister from Huntsville who drove over an hour to share the word of Eternal life to this lost and dying world. Glory be to GOD!!! Make sure You check out our You tube videos from the night.

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