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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mission operations out of Doors

In raising a new interest, and in mission operations, out of door services are a main agency. Get the people to listen outside that they may by-and-by worship inside. You want no pulpit, a chair will do, or the kerb of the road. The less formality the better, and if you begin by merely talking to the two or three around you and make in pretence of sermonizing you will do well. More good may be done by personal talk to one that by a rhetorical address to fifty. Do not purposely interfere with the thoroughfare, but if the crowd should accumulate, do not hasten away in sheer fright: the policeman will let you know soon enough.
– Charles Spurgeon

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Anonymous said...

Great quote from Mr. Spurgeon, Frank. Thanks!

Blessings to you, brother.