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Friday, February 26, 2010

UNA Campus report Friday Feb 26th

We hit the campus again today to share the words of everlasting life, but GOD had us just plead with one soul and that was Ken. We talked to him for a bit yesterday and Diane was burdened for him in prayer last night asking the Lord to let her see him again so she can share the Gospel again.
Diane got to the campus early around 8:30 am hoping she would be able to see if she can run into him again. Becky showed up to meet up with Diane and I was able to get there around 11:00am. Diane sent me a text to tell me they were in the student cafeteria with guess who Ken. Diane said she was sitting inside for awhile going over scripture and she saw Ken who came an hour early to school for his class. Diane and Becky asked Ken to sit down to talk about scripture and his conversion. I finally get there and joined them and we started asking Ken about his conversion and if GOD truly regenerated his heart.(Yesterday when we spoke with him he seem very angry with God and blamed God for all that has happened to him) So we opened up the Word of God and spoke truth into his life for around 3 to 4 hours.(Ken left to go to 1 class and we waited for him ). He said God has not answered his prayers for help these last 20 or so years and we told him that this right here was a Divine Appointment from GOD. But he has so much baggage and anger in his heart towards God and he is adding his works he is blaming God for all his problems. From pleading with him for hours and going thru tons of scripture and by scripture showing him that he was a false convert and his heart was never truly changed taking him thru 1st John to show him his eyes were not opened. Please keep Ken in your prayers that God will truly give him a new heart and that God will grant him repentance. He needs to come to the end of himself and humble himself before a Holy God.

Frank Rollberg

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