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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Report from outreach at Univ of North Alabama

We got down to the campus around 11 o'clock in the morning. There were 3 of us that went out today myself, Diane and my wife Lisa. Diane brought her white board and we put the question on it. Who Goes to Heaven?? (a) good people, (b) religious people (c) everyone (d) other. This works good with the college students we seem to get alot to stop by to try to answer the question. We passed out alot of tracts today to people passing by and those who stopped to talk to us. There were two in particular who stopped to talk to us one was a young man and his name was Ryan. He came from the Church of Christ background . There is alot of Church of Christ people in the South. Me being from the Chicago area don't run into to many Church of Christ people, but since we moved to Alabama we run into them alot. I was able to share the whole council of God with Ryan taking him through God's Law to show him that he is in need of a Saviour because his works will not do him any good apart from Jesus Christ. Ryan had the full Biblical Gospel presented to him. I asked Ryan if he was Born Again as Jesus said in John Chp.3 . He really didn't understand what I was asking him. So I took him through the scriptures to show him how God has to change your heart and give you a heart of flesh and take your heart of stone away(Ezek 36). I explained to Ryan that Baptism does not save you as the Church of Christ teaches(baptismal regeneration) and that he is adding something to salvation. Salvation is by Faith Alone through Christ Alone as I explained to him. We talked for around 30 minutes and I was able to give him some material to read on being Born Again by J.C.Ryle an a book by Mark Cahill. One Heartbeat away. Please pray for Ryan that he searches the Scriptures. Another person named Ken we were able to talk to for awhile. He is angry with the Church in general and the people in the Church. He seemed like he was trying to work his way into the kingdom. He was hostile towards the Church. We shared what we could with Ken but he had some bad experiences. Pray for Ken that God will open his eyes. The young people at this campus are so open and want to talk about the things of God. God has opened this door for us to walk through as we are also thinking of having a evangelistic Bible Study on Campus for them to attend. To God be the Glory and that He would raise up more laborers for the gospel.

God Bless,

Frank Rollberg

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