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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saving Faith by A.W. Pink

Saving Faith by A.W. Pink: "'Saving Faith'
Arthur W. Pink

It is generally recognized that spirituality is at a low ebb in Christendom and not a few perceive that sound doctrine is rapidly on the wane, yet many of the Lord?s people take comfort from supposing that the Gospel is still being widely preached and that large numbers are being saved thereby. Alas, their optimistic supposition is ill-founded and sandily grounded. If the 'message' now being delivered in Mission Halls be examined, if the 'tracts' which are scattered among the unchurched masses be scrutinized, if the 'open-air' speakers be carefully listened to, if the 'sermons' or 'addresses' of a 'Soul-winning campaign' be analysed; in short, if modern 'Evangelism' be weighed in the balances of Holy Writ, it will be found wanting?lacking that which is vital to a genuine conversion, lacking what is essential if sinners are to be shown their need of a Saviour, lacking that which will produce the transfigured lives of new creatures in Christ Jesus.
It is in no captious spirit that we write, seeking to make men offenders for a word. It is not that we are looking for perfection, and complain because we cannot find it; nor that we criticise others because they are not doing things as we think they should be done. No; no, it is a matter far more serious than that. The 'evangelism' of the day is not only superficial to the last degree, but it is radically defective. It is utterly lacking a foundation on which to base an appeal for sinners to come to Christ. There is not only a lamentable lack of proportion (the mercy of God being made far more prominent than His holiness, His love than His wrath), but there is a fatal omission of that which God has given for the purpose of imparting a knowledge of sin. There is not only a r"

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