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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

“Alarm to Sinners” by Thomas Watson

“Alarm to Sinners” by Thomas Watson: "“I will wait till my change come.”
Job 14:14

If all that has been previously said will not stop men in their sins, I shall add little more; only let me make this one motion to them, that they would remember their mortality and think seriously how soon a change may come, and how terrible it will be to die in their sins, John 8:21. For this purpose, let them hearken to this deathwatch in the text, “I will wait till my change come.”
This book of Job treats much of mortality. Job looked upon himself as a man who was not long for this world. Job 17:1, “The graves are ready for me.” And he loved to be walking often among the tombs, and so to familiarize death to him. “I will wait till my change come.”
“Till my change come” — that is, till death comes. So Aben Ezra, Drusius, and our Annotators render it.
In the text there is:
Job’s resolution, “I will wait.”
The length of time he will wait, “till my change come.” From which words flow three propositions:
Death is a change.
This change will come.
It is a high part of Christian prudence to wait until this change comes.
DOCTRINE 1. Death is a change. There is a three-fold change:"

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