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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Writings of John Leland

John Leland was a Baptist leader in the 1800's. Listen to this from his writings about the new measures that were taking place during his lifetime in which Finney lead the charge.

In these days of novality we are frequently addressed from the pulpit as follows:...
Profane sinners, I call upon you to flee from the wrath to come - come this minute and give your hearts to God, or you will seal your own damanation - God has given you the power, and will damm you if you do not use it- God has done all he can for you and will do no more- look not for a change of heart; a change of purpose is all that is necessary.... My hearers, you may have a revival of religion whenever you please...
Had the spirit of infallible orthodoxy, I could fix a standard of orthodoxy; but as I have no claim to that high attainment, I shall only remark that, 'I have not so learned Christ- I do not understand the scriptures in that light-it is not the voice of my beloved,'it sounds like the voice of a stranger and I dare not follow it.

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