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Friday, June 12, 2009

"Sanctification" by Thomas Watson

"Sanctification" by Thomas Watson: "Thomas Watson

‘For this is the will of God, even your sanctification.’ 1 Thess iv 3.

The word sanctification signifies to consecrate and set apart to a holy use: thus they are sanctified persons who are separated from the world, and set apart for God’s service. Sanctification has a privative and a positive part.
I. A privative part, which lies in the purging out of sin. Sin is compared to leaven, which sours; and to leprosy, which defiles. Sanctification purges out ‘the old leaven.’ 1 Cor v 7. Though it takes not away the life, yet it takes away the love of sin.
II. A positive part, which is the spiritual refining of the soul; which in Scripture is called a ‘renewing of our mind,’ Rom xii 2, and a ‘partaking of the divine nature.’ 2 Pet 14. The priests in the law were not only washed in the great layer, but adorned with glorious apparel. Exod xxviii 2; so sanctification not only washes from sin, but adorns with purity.
What is sanctification?
It is a principle of grace savingly wrought, whereby the heart becomes holy, and is made after God’s own heart. A sanctified person bears not only God’s name, but his image. In opening the nature of sanctification, I shall lay down these seven positions:—
(1.) Sanctification is a supernatural thing; it is divinely infused. We are naturally polluted, and to cleanse, God takes to be his prerogative. ‘I am the Lord which sanctify you.’ Lev xxi 8. Weeds grow of themselves. Flowers are planted. Sanctification is a Rower of the Spirit’s planting, therefore it is called, ‘The sanctification of the Spirit.’ 1 Pet 12.
(2.) Sanctification is an intrinsic thing; it lies chiefly in t"

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