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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Does your Church practice Evangelism ???

This is from a Church in Orlando Florida called Corner Stone Baptist Church. I thank GOD for the stand they take to fulfill the Great Commission.


Evangelism: Basic Bible Principles

• The Great Commission applies to every Christian (cf. Matt. 28:19-20).
• The Great Commission commands we intentionally share the gospel verbally (cf. Mk. 16:15).
• A Genuine Christian will share the gospel with the lost (cf. Acts 1:8; Matt. 4:19).
• Evangelism is one fruit & proof of true conversion (cf. Matt. 4:19).
• Discipleship includes training in evangelism (cf. Matt. 28:20).
• Training in evangelism necessitates that a disciple go regularly with trainer.
• The Lord Jesus set the best models for evangelism training (Lk. 9&10).
• We must avoid legalism on one side and license on the other.

1. Evangelism and our Church MEMBERS

• We will attempt to train all members how to evangelize (cf. Matt. 28:20).
• We do not require a member to attend church evangelistic activities
• Involvement in a church sponsored evangelism plan is not a condition for salvation. Salvation is
conditioned upon repentant faith alone (cf. Eph. 2:8-9; Acts 3:19). Intentionally going and
preaching the gospel, initiating evangelistic conversations is one evidence of true conversion.
• Involvement in a church sponsored evangelism program is not a condition for sanctification.
Spirit filled Christians will share Christ (cf. Acts 1:8; 4:31; 11:24).
• Involvement in a regular church sponsored evangelism program is a condition for leadership,
not for salvation or for spirituality.
• Members have signed a membership covenant that they will regularly and intentionally initiate
evangelistic conversations with the lost.

2. Evangelism and our Team WORKERS

• Team workers ARE required to:
• Learn how to share the gospel.
• Share the gospel regularly and intentionally (either on the evangelism team or on their
• Help with occasional outreach events like tract attacks.
• Prioritize Cornerstone evangelism over other evangelism.
• Team workers are not required to attend a weekly church sponsored evangelistic outreach,
although we hope they would and are encouraged to.

3. Evangelism and our Team LEADERS

• Team leaders ARE required to:
• Regularly share a verbal witness with the lost.
• Be discipled in evangelism.
• Disciple others in evangelism.
• Go with our church weekly in outreach.
• Help with periodical outreach events like tract attacks.

Evangelism Policy Cornerstone Baptist Church 8/4/09
Note: If you have any questions about this policy please speak with us. (© ’92; ’03; ’09)

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