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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Hymn by John Berridge On The Work of the Spirit.

An earthly heart I have, And earthly made by sin ! No good, but sensual, it will crave, And sweetly drinks it in. No joy it finds in God; And when my tongue would pray, My heart will take a different road, And start and prance away. No converse can we find, With Him, our God, we call; No will or power lodg'd in the mind To walk with God at all. Such is man's nature now, Sunk and berir'd in earth! And what can raise his fallen brow, And give him heavenly birth? Who can the spirit turn, And unto God unite, And make the heart with fevour burn, And in its God delight? Thou, Holy Spirit, must The mighty work perform, Awake the sleeper from his dust, And wing the grovelling worm. Oh, let thy breath inspire All needful power and will And make my soul to God aspire, And with his presence fill.

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bgc said...

Excellent quote!