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The Gospel By Paul Washer

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Street Preacher Arrested unlawful at Heritage Fest Easton PA P2-2


Frank Rollberg said...

This is happening right now in America and will get worse. PREACH THE GOSPEL!!!! WAKE UP AMERICAN CHURCH!!!! KEEP LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE NOW.

Paul Latour said...

I found it extremely ironic that the unintentional song blaring in the background while the case was being argued was "Born In The USA".

Not much different up here in Canada, kids.

stephen said...

How Ironic. I go to church in Easton. The Declaration of Independence was first publicaly read in the square. George Whitfield preched in the area as well. They said it was a public disturbance but the blairing music was not. Hummmm.