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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Letter from Howell Harris

He that believeth not shall be damned! Are you shocked at the expression? But if the sound of this truth be so harsh, what will the experience of it be? What will it be to see the creation consumed by fire, the sun darkened, the graves opened, and the God of heaven, who called upon you here, freely offering you peace and pardon, now clothed with justice, coming in flaming fire to take vengeance on all who have slept away the day of their visitation. What will then be the state of those who could not deny their own wisdom, nor get over the stumbling blocks that were in their way, but would mind what did not belong to them, thou the Lord himself condescended to say, "What is that of thee, follow thou me."

The Life and Times of
Howell Harris by Edward Morgan

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