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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Evangelism and Calvinism, Ernest C. Reisinger | The Reformed Reader

Evangelism and Calvinism, Ernest C. Reisinger The Reformed Reader

Can I embrace the doctrines of grace as seen in the five points of Cavinism and still remain passionately evangelistic! If I become a Calvinist, will I be destined to join the cold, calculated, doctrinally dull, "frozen chosen" Obviously, the questions we have just posed are somewhat degrading in their nature and intent. A much higher consideration would be; are these doctrines true! But, let's be honest about our fears and prejudices. As a pastor, I must know what my motivation is, not only for evangelism but for the whole of ministry to which I have committed my life. If God has sovereignly ordained before the foundation of the world those who will be saved, what difference do my efforts mate! I suspect that many who read this booklet are struggling as I did with this very issue.Let me illustrate the relationship these truths have with an experience I had with my son. While struggling through the financial imposition of seminary life, I was not able to afford the extra vehicle my family needed to meet the demanding schedule of kids in school, working wife, commute to seminary, and part-time job. We did manage to scrape together $300.00 to buy a 1959 Chevy pickup that had a good body but an engine (its heart) that had been dead for Lord knows how long. Well, we pushed it into the driveway and for the next several weeks my ten year old son and I spent evenings and weekends together completely rebuilding the engine in that old truck. Bringing the truck from death to life was the task we labored together to accomplish. With the help of a Chilton's engine manual (a mechanics bible) we got every piece back in place and the truck showed definite signs of being reborn.The real blessing of that experience was not the accomplishment of rebuilding an engine or the benefit of having another vehicle. The real blessing was the building of a relationship between me and my son. For several weeks we spent every spare moment together, grease up to our elbows, under the hood of that old truck. In the process he learned much by example and precept about my nature and behavior. I had the joy of teaching my son not only about me and how I lived life but also about trucks. He learned what made them tick and how to flu them when they break down.It was my ability to purchase and my decision to rebuild that old truck.Could I have done it without my son's help! Of course. Frankly, he often slowed the process down by getting in the way and asking questions. Could he have done it without me! No way. Did he help me because I coerced or commanded him to do so! No, ten year old boys have a passionate desire to be at daddy's feet and do what daddy does. What a privilege it is to pop the hood of old dead trucks and while taking instructions from our heavenly Father, work hand in hand with Him to see them up and running. Would any child of God refuse the offer to join Him in what He is doing! Calvinism and Evangelism do not have to be reconciled, they are already best of friends. If they seem to be at odds with one another, the problem is not with their relationship but our perception. When we see them in conflict it is because we have confused the nature of one or both with something else. Ernie Reisinger has done a marvelous job of introducing us biblically and historically to these two good friends. May God grant us the grace to think critically about our perceptions and the humble courage to admit when we are wrong. Orlando Grace Church is privileged to publish this defense for sound doctrine. We thank our God for the opportunity to stand with our brother in holding high the banner of truth. May we always be found faithful and courageous to give a defense for the faith.

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