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Friday, May 8, 2009

6. Of Propitiation, Atonement, and Reconciliation, as Ascribed to Christ.

6. Of Propitiation, Atonement, and Reconciliation, as Ascribed to Christ.: "A Body of Doctrinal Divinity
Book 6—Chapter 6
Of Propitiation, Atonement, and Reconciliation, as Ascribed to Christ

Having observed, that though the word 'satisfaction' is not syllabically used in scripture, when the doctrine of Christ’s satisfaction is spoken of; yet that there are words and terms equivalent to it, and synonymous with it; as 'propitiation, atonement', and 'reconciliation': it may be proper to explain these terms, and give the sense of them; which may serve the more to clear and confirm the doctrine of satisfaction; and to begin,
1. First, with 'Propitiation': the first time we meet with this word, and as applied to Christ, is in Romans 3:25. 'Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation'; either to be the author of propitiation; for whose sake, and on account of what he was to do and suffer, God would be propitious to men—his justice be appeased—and he be at peace with them; laying aside all marks of displeasure, anger, and resentment against them: for this was Christ’s work as Mediator; he drew nigh to God, and treated with him about terms of peace, and entered into measures of peace with him; interposed between justice and them, became a Mediator between God and man, to bring them together; hence he has the names of Shiloh, the Prince of peace, the Man the Peace, and Jesus our peace, who has made both one: or else to be the propitiatory sacrifice for sin; such hilastic, propitiatory, and expiatory sacrifices there were under the law; typical of the expiatory and propitiatory sacrifice of Christ; and as God in them smelled a sweet savor of rest, as types of Christ; so his sacr"

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