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The Gospel By Paul Washer

Friday, July 25, 2008

God is raising up a new breed of Preachers by Augustus Toplady

”God is raising up a new
breed of preachers in our day.
People are sick of modern day
soft preaching that does not
move our consciences. God is
going to raise them up, they
will not be bred in modern
day seminaries or Bible colleges.
They will speak against
the whole system that is raising
anemic preachers and
teachers. Their messages will
be bold, strong, pointed, it
will offend many but save
“Many people believe there is
no need for revival in our day.
Yet those that claim this are in
most cases of the most apathetic
in the church and have
not shed a tear for the lost
millions that will spend an
eternity apart from God. Tearless,
Passionless, Burdenless
are most that do not claim the
need for revival.”
“Who can truly measure the
great evil and depth of sin, it
is a fathomless pit which no
man can fill.”