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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fear is Idoltry

Jonathan Sims Pastor of Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church in Shelbyville, Tennessee. This Is From The Fall Outreach That Took Place At First Baptist Church In Muscle Shoals.


Puritan said...

Thanks for that brother, such a timely rebuke for me, by the Lord's providence.


Frank Rollberg said...


I was rebuked and blessed When I heard this sermon from the fall outreach. Please Brother listen to the whole message.

God Bless,

Frank Rollberg

Puritan said...

Thanks Frank, do you have a link for the whole sermon or the title of it.

Frank Rollberg said...

Kevin its called The Fear Of Man. It was preached at the Fall outreach. You can find it on Heartcry site under the sermon section.

God Bless,